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Martyna Fąferek is a versatile artist who is open to any form of cooperation. You can find some of her core projects listed below; however, do not hesitate to make contact- whether you are a music enthusiast, a different field artist, a creative musician wanting to connect, or a young musician seeking some tips.



Martyna Faferek performed as a soloist at different international festivals and venues in Italy, Germany, Poland and Great Britain. She performs regularly in Austria, where she is currently based, with works from the standard solo viola literature (Brahms, Schubert, Reger, Hindemith, Schumann..). Martyna also searches for undiscovered, fresh pieces for her instrument and seeks cooperation with composers and conductors. Her roots are as well very important to her, and so she visits the musical stages of the polish coast regularly.


Chamber music is Martyna Faferek's passion. Already during her studying time, she made her debut in Musikverein Graz as member of a successful chamber music group. She continues to perform internationally in many different formations, varying from duo, string quartet, piano quartet, octet, or a small chamber ensemble. She considers chamber music the most teaching and giving medium, which connects the audience and each of the musicians with a very unique web of attention, awareness and energy.



An event that connects different fields of art. A concert connected with live dancing performance, poetry reciting or painting. A concert that is perhaps taken outside of the concert hall and put in the entirely different context. Contact for cooperation.


Leonard Bernstein: “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

The offer is aimed at musicians of any levels and includes: basics and development of the technique of viola playing, music interpretation, daily routines and motivation strategies, practical and mental aspects of preparation for exams, youth orchestra auditions, solo recitals, etc. Martyna's motto is that above being a musician, we are humans, and that is why she takes holistic and individual approach to each pupil. Lessons live in Vienna or online.



An Austrian tradition that reaches back to Schubert, Mozart and earlier, is a very beautiful and unique way to experience music very closely in the living room or garden within a circle of friends. Like every community, family, or a house is different, also each such a concert is very exceptional! Contact for more details.

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